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A+ 2016-17 1st Quarter Newsletter 第一学季简报

Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!

A+四月简报A+April Newsletter

2016 March Newsletter

It’s been a wonderful trip through Michigan, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Washington D.C. visiting A+ students who are studying in high schools in the US and schools that share the similar educational philosophy for our children.  这是一个难忘美妙的旅程。我们穿越密西根、得克萨斯、佐治亚、弗吉尼亚、华盛顿特区访问A+毕业在美国高中留学的同学们,观摩与我们理念相同的高中和大学。     Frank in All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, Texas. Rose(G10) in Prestonwood Christian Academy, Texas. Jack (G9) & John (G10) in Calvary Christian School, GA  

A+2016 Jan. Newsletter 一月简报

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